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About the Book

"My Quantum Inspiration" is about the 32 researchers - the champions of the mind - whose faces and descriptions are below. They work at my corporate campus, ScientificChess, where they build a quantum computer named Peak. In my novel, 'My Quantum Inspiration', the quantum computer disappears from the campus after they complete its development. It is the most advanced computer/robot in the history of mankind and works based on quantum field theory and quantum principles such as superposition and quantum entanglement. It is capable of fully executing Shor's algorithm and breaking RSA encryption used by banks and governments for security. It has senses beyond those humanly possible. The missing Peak causes a crisis for many officials, bankers and more, but brings back freedom in the future. It creates a social revolution by undermining the modern monetary system that has plagued the world for centuries.

ScientificChess campus

ScientificChess Campus when it was under construction

Meet the Champions of the Mind

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ScientificChess campus complete By Aditya Mittal 3d model of ScientificChess campus